Active Communities for Tourism Regions

Collaborate for your active community of visitors and create a strong, enduring model to establish digital companions for tourists and citizens!

We have spent many hours with our clients eval­u­at­ing their require­ments, learn­ing and under­stand their challenges.

We have learned why many prod­uct-lead tech­no­log­i­cal approach­es do not work, what are the real goals and tar­gets of our clients and how these can be reached successfully.

Some exam­ples of this are:

  • It’s obvi­ous that dig­i­tal media can help to tar­get and bind vis­i­tors for touris­tic sites, but sin­gle organ­i­sa­tions often have nei­ther the bud­get nor brand vis­i­bil­i­ty to build up their com­mu­ni­ty by themselves
  • A Region that agrees that a col­lab­o­ra­tive “togeth­er is stronger” approach cre­ates a stronger tourism offer­ing and a much more attrac­tive propo­si­tion for the vis­i­tor but often lacks the required easy-to-use access to func­tion­al­i­ty and dig­i­tal inte­gra­tion skills
  • Attrac­tions and Regions that want to build an active com­mu­ni­ty of their local and inter­na­tion­al vis­i­tors by devel­op­ing and main­tain­ing effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tions with vis­i­tors are also a poten­tial part­ner for sur­round­ing cities, employ­ers, retail­ers, asso­ci­a­tions, clubs etc.
  • Regions and attrac­tions that want to devel­op a strat­e­gy of reward­ing loy­al, repeat visitors

We are the engine for digi­ti­sa­tion of our var­i­ous clients in this area in the past 20 years devel­op­ing strate­gies as well as best prac­tice solu­tions to project real­i­sa­tion, ongo­ing oper­a­tions and tech­no­log­i­cal infra­struc­ture that are ben­e­fi­cial to the region and/or attractions.

We are a pio­neer for var­i­ous sec­tors and indus­tries across Europe. More than 10,000 organ­i­sa­tion­al worlds were inte­grat­ed with our help. We are proud to work for ref­er­ences across sev­er­al Euro­pean mar­kets with a great under­stand­ing of best prac­tice for all sizes of customers.

Our mis­sion is to under­stand your suc­cess fac­tors and realise them with our ECT approach (Eval­u­a­tion, Con­cep­tion, Trans­for­ma­tion) and togeth­er with our pre-defined man­aged ser­vices which will speed up your cost-effi­cient real­i­sa­tion process by cus­tomis­ing instead of re-inventing.



Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum

One of Ire­land’s lead­ing tourism des­ti­na­tions, our brief was to the build a Tourism solu­tion with a mul­ti-lin­gual audio-guide, tour nav­i­ga­tion, an inno­v­a­tive and direct way to con­nect with vis­i­tors using loca­tion-based engagement.

This dig­i­tal solu­tion was deliv­ered through a smart­phone app as com­pan­ion for the vis­it on site and endur­ing con­tact after­wards gain­ing re-visits.

Glas­nevin Ceme­tery & Muse­um — One of Ire­land’s lead­ing tourism destinations

Excit­ing and sur­pris­ing insights into Swabi­an stories

Outdoor-Museum Beuren

The muse­um vil­lage, locat­ed in the heart of Wuert­tem­berg, lets vis­i­tors dis­cov­er the open-air muse­um Beuren with its hous­es, ani­mals, gar­dens, orchards and fields on its own.

The app with inte­grat­ed audio guide and loca­tion-based (GPS) nav­i­ga­tion, gallery func­tions and edu­ca­tion­al offers for chil­dren, pupils and adults offers excit­ing and sur­pris­ing insights into Swabi­an vil­lage and res­i­dent stories.

Dublin City Heritage Parks – Dublin City Council

The Dublin City Her­itage Parks project has been cre­at­ed to increase usage and the cul­tur­al appre­ci­a­tion of the parks. Enhanc­ing the vis­i­tor expe­ri­ence by pro­vid­ing them with an enjoy­able, inter­ac­tive and inno­v­a­tive way to expe­ri­ence the parks art, his­to­ry and hor­ti­cul­ture. The project will also build a com­mu­ni­ty of reg­is­tered users, com­mu­ni­cat­ing updates on events, news and on-going developments.

This dig­i­tal solu­tion was deliv­ered through a smart­phone app build­ing a dai­ly com­pan­ion for cit­i­zens and tourists vice versa.

The inter­ac­tive and inno­v­a­tive way to expe­ri­ence Dublin parks


The “Hub” has been designed as a cost-effec­tive solu­tion-con­cept to enable the attrac­tions of a region to come togeth­er and have a com­bined offer­ing for visitors.

This is mak­ing region­al plat­forms not only more attrac­tive for vis­i­tors but also enables great poten­tials to re-gain vis­i­tors, by defin­ing var­i­ous tours, reward­ing them for re-vis­its and shar­ing by estab­lish­ing such cam­paigns not only for for­eign vis­i­tors but even local citizens.

Aside from this being a very afford­able dig­i­tal solu­tion, oth­er cru­cial ben­e­fits for the “Hub” solu­tion are:

  • More attrac­tive­ness for vis­i­tors — A sin­gu­lar dig­i­tal offer­ing for the region
  • Enabling to re-use the con­cept for local cit­i­zens and communities
  • Cen­tralised mar­ket­ing cam­paign, with each attrac­tion ben­e­fit­ting equally
  • Cre­ation of a stronger tourism propo­si­tion through a region­al collaboration
  • Cost-effec­tive engage­ment solu­tion enabling to inte­grate small­er and medi­um sized attrac­tions as well
  • Cen­tral­ly con­trolled with the abil­i­ty to be upgrad­ed to a gen­er­al region­al com­mu­ni­ty solu­tions with regards to more needs of local cit­i­zens as well as the touris­tic and leisure poten­tials (e.g. inte­grat­ing local employ­ers, retail, asso­ci­a­tions, clubs and the city admin­is­tra­tion itself)