Management Consulting for Cooperations, Service Organisations, Associations

Many asso­ci­a­tions, indus­try organ­i­sa­tions and com­mer­cial coop­er­a­tions actu­al­ly have an ide­al start­ing point in the age of digitisation.

Some are exist­ing net­work orga­niz­er with con­nec­tions in all direc­tions. They often have been estab­lished in tra­di­tion­al busi­ness areas for years or even decades as a ser­vice provider for mem­bers, sup­pli­ers or customers.

How­ev­er, this bless­ing is often also described as a curse. What often over­whelms the con­nect­ed net­work part­ners — to work out a dig­i­ti­za­tion strat­e­gy for their own com­pa­ny — is now to be solved equal­ly for all through cen­tral coop­er­a­tion. The demands on such cen­tral coop­er­a­tion mod­els and thus also the project risks in the field of digi­ti­sa­tion are there­fore immense­ly high.

More than once Inte­grat­ed Worlds has proven to be more than just an expe­ri­enced imple­men­ta­tion part­ner in such com­plex fields. An eye for con­cepts that have an inte­grat­ing effect and har­mo­nize com­mon require­ments of busi­ness part­ners — despite dif­fer­ent process­es and con­di­tions in the com­pa­nies — are an impor­tant fac­tor for sus­tain­able plat­form mod­els. But so is the aware­ness of the nec­es­sary influ­ence of coop­er­a­tions and industries.

As tech­ni­cal oper­a­tors of entire indus­try plat­forms — con­trolled by the rel­e­vant organ­i­sa­tions — and as con­sul­tants and imple­men­ta­tion part­ners of indus­try asso­ci­a­tions, groups of asso­ci­a­tions and oth­er coop­er­a­tion mod­els, we are a dri­ving force for the projects of our cus­tomers and part­ners at the same time.

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