Cockpit & KPI Dashboards

How to cre­ate insights from the new acquired data? 

The cock­pits and KPI (Key Per­for­mance Indi­ca­tor) dash­boards are used as report­ing and con­trol tools and thus pro­vide the appro­pri­ate “com­mand cen­ter” for the most diverse orga­ni­za­tion­al forms. 

The knowl­edge col­lect­ed in the above-men­tioned col­lec­tors can be trans­ferred into reports and dash­boards and put into con­text. 

The focus lies on the deter­mi­na­tion of  KPIs and addi­tion­al noti­fi­ca­tion mech­a­nisms (up to push mes­sages in mobile sys­tems). Instead of man­u­al­ly prepar­ing Excel sheets and count­less unstruc­tured and pos­si­bly ana­log data, you now oper­ate in real-time. 

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