Strategic Design for Cities and Regions

Your waste bins and street lamps are now smart, but your vis­i­tors still do not love your city?

Many urban projects are ori­ent­ed towards the intro­duc­tion of tech­nolo­gies and sys­tems, but for­get the rela­tion­ship to the cit­i­zen. So the trans­for­ma­tion phase starts before a con­clu­sive eval­u­a­tion and con­cep­tion of the projects.

True to the mot­to “Empow­er­ment of vis­i­tor”, the VITAIL team devel­ops suit­able con­cepts for your vital city or region.

Through the years of expe­ri­ence of our experts, we have also sharp­ened our view that many city projects fail not only because of the lack of eval­u­a­tion and con­cep­tion for the project, but espe­cial­ly because of the oper­at­ing mod­el. Thus we involve the local groups of actors in the devel­op­ment of a dif­fu­sion con­cept and the assump­tion of the oper­a­tional func­tions and cre­ate a real expe­ri­ence with a high iden­ti­fi­ca­tion fac­tor — for the city, trade, gas­tron­o­my, local media, but also for the VISITOR.

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