IWOfurn configurator incl.  2D-Planner

Retailers can configure upholstered furniture using the IWOfurn 2DMagnetplaner directly at the POS from their respective ERP system, provided the use of the 2D planner has been enabled by the manufacturer for them. The retailers can then use the IWOfurn configurator for the order at the POS as usual and provide additional support through the use of the 2D planner.

IWOfurn Planning

The planning results and subsequent product configuration are entered in the ERP system via the existing interface and are then available for the EDI ordering process.

Your advantage

  • Fewer errors during order entry
  • Reduction in the number of complaints
  • Manufacturers receive order from retailers that have been processed automatically
  • The configuration is based on your product data previously made available in the standard IDM-Polster format

Integration of furniture industry’s leading POS solutions

In addition to openness, independence, security and standardization, IWOfurn gives centre stage to its 20 years of process experience with electronic communication between industry, retailers, associations and service providers. We always act according to the ‘everyone can do business with everyone else’ principle. As a neutral platform, we have committed ourselves to open up our interfaces to allow the respective system to connect to the platform. This already prompted several POS solutions such as DIVA, KPS Ambiente, FURNPLAN and many more to join the platform.

Integration of existing POS solutions in the overall Workflow

  • You are a retailer and have your own POS solution?
  • You are a supplier/manufacturer and are using your own POS solution for your customers?
  • You are a provider of POS solutions?

IWOfurn allows you to implement the integration with all major ERP systems via one central interface!


Herbert Grau, Head of Organisation – Hans Segmüller Polstermöbelfabrik und Einrichtungshäuser GmnH & Co. KG

“The whole process has not only become easier, but also clearer and above all faster, because the extensive regulations for the compilation of variant articles can now be used with full electronic support. In addition, the willingness to exploit the variety of a single item has increased during the sale.”

Andreas Bauer, Management Assistant – Frey Wohnen about the interaction between SHD – DIVA via the IWOfurn Connector

“With DIVA, a program has been developed that offers completely new possibilities in sales. Easy handling, amazing presentation and great processing. It’s a sales promoter that saves time and significantly reduces the error rate when entering data due to the quick transfer of article data via IWOfurn! It’s the future in the furniture trade!”