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Catalogue management

  • Comfortable entry and management of your product master data and multimedia data integrated into your IWOfurn environment.
  • Based on your data pool, you can create customized electronic catalogues and instantly publish and distribute them in IWOfurn.
  • This module supports your demands made on variant articles via an integrated regulation management.
  • Web2Print – price list printing from your electronic catalogues
  • Export of industry standards such as IDM-Polster, CSA-Pricat and many ERP formats
  • Automated data import via EDIFACT-PRICAT, IDM-Polster, IDM-Küche, CSA-PRICAT and in-house formats



  • Selection of manufacturer catalogues, price calculations (purchase prices, retail prices, management of special offers by branch office)
  • Management of rounding matrices for optimal retail prices at POS
  • Categorization of products and multimedia data
  • Data import and channel mapping