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We stand for openness through non-proprietary solutions.

1 – IWOfurn Supplier portal:

With the Supplier Portal IWOfurn, any supplier can receive orders electronically and automatically send order confirmations, advance shipping notifications, notices of availability and invoices to customers and do so completely independently without any integration of his own systems. Product master data can also be easily upload via Excel or in IDM format in the online environment.

1 – IWOfurn My-Supplier-Portal:

The IWOfurn My-Supplier portal includes all the features of the Supplier Portal, which allows commercial enterprises to provide their non EDI-capable suppliers with a complete web portal. The portal also allows communications such as queries by the supplier or the exchange of missing documents such as shipping labels or consignment notes.

2 – IWOfurn Configurator:

The IWOfurn configurator displays all varieties of articles and conveniently guides the user at the POS through the configuration process. The configurator uniformly presents all popular formats like CSA7 or IDM Polster to the seller. A 2-D planner is also available or IDM catalogues with 2D objects.

3 – IWOfurn PLANNING connector:

The IWOfurn planning Connector allows each planning system, such as Furnplan, KPS kitchens and more. connect with the respective ERP system. The compiled plans can be stored on IWOfurn and loaded automatically into the purchase contract coverage of the ERP system. The plans can then be transferred electronically and free of errors to the supplier.

The interfaces provided by IWOfurn allow each market participant to connect to the system.

4 – IWOfurn Messaging:

Over 900 companies are already using IWOfurn Messaging to exchange messages such as orders, order confirmations, advance shipping notifications, notices of availability, invoices and other types of messages. In 2013, over 7.5 million messages are expected to be exchanged. All the leading ERP systems of the furniture industry and a variety of ERP systems on the part of industry are already connected.

5 – IWOfurn master data:

IWOfurn has already integrated numerous formats for article master data, which can be uploaded in Excel, UL3, IDM cushion, CSA7 PRICAT, EDIFACT PRICAT and other formats. The supplier can upload custom price lists and electronic catalogues on IWOfurn and determine himself to which of his customers the catalogues are released.


6 – IWOfurn B2B Shop:

Simply set up a company and user account, and the customer receives login data right away! The IWOfurn B2B Shop allows industrial enterprises to connect to business customers via their own shop. The shop interface can be customized to one’s own corporate identity on request. The catalogues stored on the IWOfurn platform can be used for the shop. This is, for example, how even an IDM Polster catalogue can be released to the respective business customer. The configurator is also integrated in the shop to help customers put together the products. The supplier receives error-free orders in the same format as business customers who place their orders via the purchase contract coverage within the ERP system.

Of course, other shop systems can also be connected. The configurator has API interfaces that allow any solution provider to connect his shop system.

7 – Stationary

Leading commercial ERP providers have developed interfaces to IWOfurn and offer these as standard modules: Ametras (Moeve), Bewidata (Möbelpilot), Clasen, Cogito, SHD (MHS + ECORO), SAP, Navision and many more.

8 – Organizations

Furniture purchasing organizations have recognized the importance of open and standardized communication for their members and support the IWOfurn as registered participants: Atlas, Begros, Einrichtungspartnerring-VME, EMC, Union, Profijt-Meubel.

9 – Online

Pure online retailers or the online shops of traditional retailers with systems like OXID, Magento, Shopware and others are using the IWOfurn process capabilities for new requirements such as direct delivery, the printing of end customer invoices and shipping documents from EDI messages.

10 – Market places

The IWOfurn Multichannel PIM makes it much easier to provide master data to market places or online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Home24, Otto, Wayfair and many others. EDI connections to these channels have already been in operation via IWOfurn for some time.

11 – Master data

IWOfurn supplies the master data of leading trading systems with the information from industry catalogues; automatically, on-demand, selectively or completely. Depending on the requirements of the respective systems, the industry formats are converted fully automatically.

12 – Order entry

So far the EDI ratio has been largely determined by the ratio of stock orders. IWOfurn breaks through this limitation and provides ERP systems with exactly the articles from electronic catalogues of manufacturers that are needed at that exact moment for order entry, making a 100% EDI ratio no longer wishful thinking.

 13 – Status

Driven by the online channels, manufacturers provide hourly information on stocks, availability and lead time via IWOfurn. The IWOfurn Combox provides status information about the processing steps in real time.

14 – Formats and Systems

IWOfurn is open to any system or format integration. Systems such as 2020, ABAS, Navision, Sage, SAP, Vacos and many more are already integrated in IWOfurn. Master data can currently be made available on IWOfurn to businesses and associations in formats such as IDM, IDM Polster, EDIFACT (Sinfos PRICAT, Pricat, CSA Pricat) in-house formats, UL3, SAP IDOC, XMLs, CSV and many more.

15 – Product categories

Product categories place demands of various complexity on process. Custom integration solutions for all structures are already standard features of IWOfurn.

16 – Mobile apps for industry

Article master data can also be used for presentations in mobile apps. Here, IWOfurn offers different solutions from simple product presentations to a complete field service solution, with which shopping carts are ordered locally and automatically processed in the ERP system of the supplier with the existing processes.

17 – Mobile apps for retailers

The data processed for ERP systems and the online shop can also make article data available to a B2C app.