EDI-Linkage with every Partner you want

Our networking team supports you in your connection activities – and does so right from the start, from contacting new EDI partners and providing support during the test phase to transitioning the connection to live operations.

IWOfurn networking

The IWOfurn Networking Center therefore supports you in connecting to other partners by:

  • calling or writing to your desired EDI partner in a first step
  • coordinating and monitoring test operations up to live operations
  • supporting communications between the retail trade and industry
  • providing troubleshooting support

Just send us a wish list of EDI partners. We do the rest.



Michael Wolf, Chief Operations Officer – Kare Design

“With our local converter solution, any connection to our customers became a complex and costly project. Since we switched to IWOfurn, we have been actively supported by the IWOfurn Networking Team and customer connections almost run by themselves now. The entire communication with our retail customers is handled and coordinated by IWOfurn.”

Gabi Ettengruber, Organisation – WEKO Wohnen GmbH

“We now have a contact, and new connections are set up and organized quickly and reliably, thanks to the IWOfurn Networking Center. IWOfurn also handles the all our communications with suppliers”

Jörg Juschkat, Head of EDI/IT – Naber GmbH

“We now have a contact, and new connections are set up quickly and reliably without any project costs.”