We stand for openness

Disclosure of all interfaces, software and web services

Flexibilty and openess

Our Goal

In times of cloud computing and Web 2.0, we believe that the

  • openness,
  • standardization and
  • interoperability

of our services are the cornerstones for the protection of your investments. IWOfurn discloses all interfaces and web services and provides each software company with a library of functions and support with technical content for implementation in the respective software package.

This is why IWOfurn doesn’t sell a separate software package or technology. IWOfurn provides service components that can be integrated into existing IT environments of any company. This saves resources and is easy on your budget.

Your Service Bonus

The simultaneous use of current and new standards provide exactly the openness and sustainability you demand for your business. It’s not for nothing that IWOfurn is called the “everyone can do business with everyone else” platform. Anyone who connects to IWOfurn with his infrastructure can

  • immediately,
  • without bilateral projects and
  • without additional software licenses

automate processes with any other company. Among the more than 900 member companies you will find many of your most important business partners.

IWOfurn is a service organization, and the fee structure is based on actual use so that you only pay for services that generate a benefit for your company.

In addition to all the above mentioned basic conditions, one key success factor for the unrestrained rapid increase in productive connections between enterprises is the professional support of IWOfurn customers in rolling out their strategies. Each day we are helping individual companies to network with other companies.

Your Result

IWOfurn believes in a holistic approach both in terms of technology and in terms of business processes, and in the open integration of existing application environments. The result is a

  • sustainable, scalable communication concept,
  • a quickly realizable ROI and
  • a high degree of investment protection.

A stand-alone solution that is not based from the very beginning on the open integration or interconnection of merchandise management systems or ERP solutions or which pursues a proprietary integration approach bears immense and obvious risks for a user that cannot be compensated by particularly good technical functionalities, no matter how good.

Successful business data communication should

  • automate as many time-consuming and labour-intensive processes as possible,
  • in the shortest time possible,
  • without great technical effort,
  • with as many business partners as possible and
  • optimize the quality of the business partnership.

This simply means, among other things, that it is not the IT departments, but the specialist departments that should be driving the spread of electronic business data exchange, and today that is actually happening in the successful companies using IWOfurn.