About IWOfurn

Integrated World Of Furniture Business

Messages and data can be made available online via the website and exchanged without redundancy.

Verbindung von Prozessen, Systemen und Information

It’s just as easy to transfer information directly between integrated systems, e.g. to ERP systems of industry and the retail trade.

Our goal

IWOfurn is no new software or technological standard, but the leading service platform fo furniture business to connect the processes of all business participants.

  • Electronic support for all inter-company processes, from the initiation of business and the provision of product information to business transactions
  • Networking of existing Trade and Industry infrastructure and software
  • Reduction of costly and error-prone manual processing of data,
  • Minimization of time lost during transmission, thus ensuring that the information is less often obsolete

Your security

The leading platform for the electronic exchange of master and transaction data in the furniture industry is overseen by an advisory board consisting of the Bundesverband des Deutschen Möbel- Küchen und Einrichtungsfachhandel (BVDM) [Federal Association of German Furniture and Kitchen retailers], the Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie (VDM) [German Furniture Industry Association], the Zentralverband gewerblicher Verbundgruppen (ZGV) [Central Association of Commercial Cooperatives] and the Data Competence Centre (DCC).

The IWOfurn operators have given these industry representatives an undertaking to

  • be open to any other provider of software solutions and services
  • disclose all technical interfaces to anyone interested
  • observe existing standards in further development
  • treat all industry participants in a balanced manner
  • involve users in the further development of the platform
  • provide technical interoperability with platforms of adjacent sectors
  • ensure data security
  • ensure that no data is passed on to unauthorized third parties
  • consult with the advisory board in defining the Service Price List and the Terms & Conditions .

The results of this neutral positioning and understanding of openness and sustainability are, for example,

  • the connection to ERP systems, solutions and planning solutions that are successful in the market,
  • cooperation with standardization organizations such as GS1 Germany or DCC
  • support for various technical standards and format

But commercial aspects such as the ever-increasing functionality and the ever-expanding range of services at the same costs are also a measure of the sensitivity with which IWOfurn is politically promoted in the industry.

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